Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer beach reading

Beachcombing: Exploring the Seashore
Eyewitness Ocean
About Fish: A Guide for Children
Exploring the Deep Dark Sea
The Little Island
Peterson field guides
Seashells of the World

                          Favorite photos from our beach trip in early summer:

We had a really great time, save for a few minor bumps in the trip. Wilmington has a nice downtown area. We went to a snake museum and to see the USS North Carolina battleship. Near Wilmington is Fort Fisher which has an awesome aquarium with touch tanks and more. I'll show our pictures from those places next time. I'm going to get all our summer pictures posted before summer is up!

Love to all,



  1. Jenny, it looks so wonderful! We have been so busy this summer we have not had the chance to get away.
    The Peterson field guides are our favorites as well, as are the eyewitness books.
    <3 Mel

    1. Yes, we were lucky to get away. It was wasn't a long trip, but it was so rejuvenating. It was the youngest' first time (that he remembers) at the beach. We could not get him out of the water! Our books travel with us :)

  2. It's so precious watching a child discover a facet of nature for the first time. I remember the tide pools in Maine when I was a kid...they were like a whole new universe opening up. I hope that sense of wonder stays with them forever. I'm glad you had a nice vacation :)

    1. Yes, I remember the tide pools of my youth in Florida. The beach in Wilmington was beautiful, but no tide pools to wonder and discover. The boys had a great time at the aquarium being able to touch the creatures. My oldest remembers another beach we visited that had tide pools, a lighthouse and more. He asked when we could go there again. He said "This was an awesome vacation, but next time, can we go back to our beach?" I too hope it stays with them forever! Thanks, love.