Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raleigh, NC

The NC State Capitol building was completed in 1840. It is one of the
finest and best-preserved examples of Greek Revival architecture.  

I love the keyhole.

Senate chamber

State Library room


Hawk's nest near the capitol building. Park rangers
told us the pair hatched out three chicks.

After touring the capitol building and seeing the hawk's nest, we visited the Museum of Natural Sciences. It was a wonderful museum. Then we headed to the Lego store, which the boys were super excited about. They had a hard time deciding what to buy with their money, but they got good stuff! Then we we headed for home. Home sweet home. Well, all caught up on the vacation pics.


  1. Oh my goodness Legos...we're we into Legos as kids! I love old buildings like that. When I went to DC last fall, I couldn't stop staring at the buildings, especially the Lincoln memorial. I wish we still built like that today.

  2. Yes, the boys are totally into Legos! I am a huge architecture buff. I went to DC in high school and loved it, too. We're planning to take a family trip to DC in the near future. I'll have to post pictures from Asheville, the city where my hubby works. We live outside the city, but we go into it often and there is so much beautiful architecture. Alot of old buildings were demolished during the depression, but Asheville was not as affectedas other cities. So we're lucky all these amazing styles are intact. I too wish we still built like that today :)

  3. Lego store! My children would be in heaven! What's it like?

    1. It was a nice little store, where you could buy bulk Legos and build your own minifigures. It was certainly fun for the boys (and for us, watching their joy)! The only downside was in was in the mall. And I detest malls.

  4. I remember buying Legos for my nephew. Sadly, he has put them aside now.
    I can't wait to see the photos of Asheville!
    Something tells me I should live there.
    All my family are in NC or FL, it's hard to be so far away from everyone.
    And I dream of attending Penland one day.....sigh....................
    Hope all is well,
    xo, j

    1. Yes, J, you should live here :) All my family live here or Virginia. My hubby's family are in Colorado. Oh yes, I too dream of Penland and the John C. Campbell Folk School. All is well, thank you.
      Blessings, Jenny