Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All About Magnets

  C initiated our study of magnets this week. He has tested many things to see if they are magnetic. We have a collection of several types of magnets and he and J tested every one.

Holding hematite magnet under the table to test  magnetic pull.

We have enjoyed reading The Magic School Bus: Amazing Magnetism and More Power to You: The Science of Batteries and Magnets. We plan to do more experiments with our magnets the rest of this week. We need to get iron fillings (mentioned in the Magic School Bus book) and neodymium magnets to further our studies.


Sorry for the silence here, but we have been enjoying our winter snow and planning our spring to-do list. On the list, order more seeds (here, here and here ), more homeschool books and supplies, chicks and ducklings order (maybe quail too?), work to do on the upstairs loft, and beekeeping supplies. We may get rabbits this year too. We haven't decided whether or not to get turkeys again.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from recent days:

The birds are quite grateful for the birdseed we offer (and the shelter from the storm. We have been enjoying all the visitors to the feeder. We have had chickadees, titmice, sparrows, finches, cardinals, and a few others visiting the feeders. It's funny to watch the traffic jam and they each vie for space!

Taking turns at the feeder

Ice sculptures

Our pond (still mostly frozen)

Another visitor

The boys have been playing in the snow, building snowmen and sledding. It really feels like winter!

Warm blessings to all. xo