Friday, May 31, 2013

Peaceful Spirit, Warrior Child

picture of J on one of our trips to Colorado

Our Journeys are ever deeper charting the map of scars riven in our souls by time.
Map these scars and embrace them.
These are our teachers, the hard lessons this life has put our way.
Just as the hurdler makes his jumps.
We traverse the narrow ever winding paths and pitfalls which lead us to our personal salvation.
Shedding layers as a snake sheds its skin.
We metamorphosis in to the real US, the pain of change soon forgotten, replaced with utter bliss.
Our destination to be a living part of ALL THAT IS
We have taken the first faltering steps, we do this together yet separate, each going their own way.
But all arriving at the same destination, joyous be we the brave