Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Year in Review

early Winter 2012

We got our snow after Christmas, but we're not complaining! We wanted to share our favorite pictures of the year with you all. Happy New Year! 
walking from downtown Asheville to aunt Lisa's house

Ball play at homeschool co-op (C got distracted by the garbage truck)

Pond digging
C playing playing toes in the water with baby cousin

We gave fertile eggs to Grandma's hen to set and she hatched out these little ones
(we were chicken-sitting while Grandma was on vacation)

C using the old-fashioned water pump

J and the corn sheller

ring toss

C holding a rifle taller than him
tic-tac-toe fun with cousin D (at Daddy's hotel)

C's first time at the beach!

Giant checkers at the campground

On the battleship USS North Carolina


goofing around in the leaves

The hawk who tried to get one of our chickens

Today, Winter late 2012


  1. So much Joy shining through in these photos! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks :) And a Happy New Year to you all, too!

  2. that pic of the raft looks like childhood perfection! thank you for sharing your year with us. happy 2013!

    1. Mike and the boys enjoyed building it :) Happy New Year to you all!