Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gifting and Thrifting

Monkey for baby cousin

wool sweater ball for friend in trade
 We have been busy with crafting and other merry-making. Sorry I've neglected this space, but I took a break to get all the gifting finished. I made a monkey out of a recycled sweater for my nephew. I'm excited to see what he thinks on Christmas Day! And I made the sweater ball for my friend Saam in trade for one of her beautiful playsilks. Hope her little guy loves it. We also passed out food gifts to friends at church and we're making snowflakes for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary. A bit of peace, love and light from us for their transtion back to school.

 We had a snowstorm a couple of days ago and man, was it cold. Frigid cold. We only got a couple inches of snow, but the boys had fun finding cool ice sculptures. We're expecting snow Christmas night and into the next day, so maybe we will get a white Christmas!
J wearing his shirt from Grandma & Grandpa in Colorado

 We've have been enjoying some of our favorite winter and Christmas books. A few of our favorites:
       A Wreath of Christmas Legends
       Robin Finds Christmas
       The Polar Express
       Letters From Father Christmas
       The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree
       Poles Apart: Why Penguins and Polar Bears Will Never Be Neighbors
       Snowflake Bentley
       The Secret Staircase (a Brambly Hedge book)

While Dad had a work meeting in downtown Asheville, we did some final Christmas shopping and had lunch. We stopped at the general store and the boys picked out candy from the barrels. I thought it might be a hectic day out with all the other Christmas shoppers, but I was wrong. Everyone was in good spirits! I found my mom a chicken egg platter at our favorite antique mall and look what I found (yes, for me) at the used bookstore: 
I adore Holly Hobbie (and her Toot & Puddle books are wonderful, too)!

Happy Holidays to you all! XO


  1. Henry is going to love the monkey! the pictures of the boys are great, Jacob looks so old in that shot!!

    1. I hope he does :) I know, I look at the pictures and think of how much my babies are growing up!

  2. You just seriously have the best kids'book collection EVER! i love love love the monkey too, so adorable and soft and perfect since he's homemade with love. the ball is awesome too. isn't it funny, we happened to stop at Babies R Us and looked at balls for Lucy because she is learning to make the baaa-baaaa sound. and there were no normal, soft, cute little baby balls! i have the hardest time finding good classic baby stuff at "regular" stores. anyway i love all the holiday crafting, you did great.

    1. Thanks, love. I love making the toys. My nephew loved his monkey! That's why I started making toys for my boys, because I couldn't find the ones we loved. Shhh, but my youngest is getting a hobbit doll for his birthday :)