Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gifts from the Bees

Pouring beeswax into mold
Last night we made beeswax ornaments for our homeschool co-op's Christmas swap. They are and fun and easy craft. And I love the smell of the beeswax filling the house. To make the ornaments you need: beeswax (amount depending on how many ornaments you are making), a double boiler (or I simply used an aluminum can in a small saucepan), soap or candle mold, bamboo skewers, hemp twine. Then:
                     1) Melt the beeswax in double boiler over medium-high heat.
                     2) Pour wax into molds.
                     3) Let cool until wax takes on white tint, then add skewers to leave holes.
                          (see photo below)
                     4) Allow to cool completely before removing from mold.
                     5) Remove from mold and carefully poke skewers through both sides.
                     6) Add twine to hang ornaments.

Beeswax with white tint, ready for skewers

Finished ornaments

Supplies for candles
You can also get a mold to make candles. It's the same process, except you need to use cotton candle twine. You also need to add the twine before you add the beeswax. We have made them with the
mold and also hand-dipped. Happy crafting!

Our swap picks: needle-felted bird ornament, felt ornament, calendula oil and homemade playdough (C's pick)
We had a great time with our homeschool co-op friends today. It was wonderful hang out and trade with everyone before our holiday winter break. Joy, peace and love to our homeschool friends and to you all!


  1. They really are beautiful- golden and creamy, and smelling sooo wonderful! Seriously the smell of beeswax is one of the best there is, I think!

  2. it was sooo nice to see the photos from your color swap with nausika,
    thank you for sharing with me/us : )

    i love the smell of beeswax...


    1. Thanks so much for hosting the swap, dear! xo