Friday, September 7, 2012

The Birds and Cool Cats (and a great giveaway)

Cecropia Moth caterpillar (he says hi)
After our time studying (and burying) the owl, we have have been reading alot about birds. We are fascinated by birds. J (our oldest) wants to work with birds of prey when he grows up.

Our favorite books about birds are:
Birds: Nature's Magnificent Flying Machines
Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Birds
If I Were A Bird
Eyewitness Books: Birds
An Egg Is Quiet
National Audubon Society Pocket Guide: Familiar Birds of Lakes and Rivers
Sibley's guides

Today we found two of these cecropia moth caterpillars on our azalea bush. The boys got a kick out of how chubby and cute they are. Hopefully we will see their metamorphisis into moths.

Excited about our full weekend making apple butter at church and the upcoming fair. I'm also excited about this great giveaway: flaming hag folkwear: jewelry giveaway.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.


  1. my mother has a lot of different birds visiting her bird feeder and sometimes when i am at her house i sit for hours looking at them....almost meditative..
    wishing you a wonderful sunday jenny!


    i hope you will be the lucky one in the lovely give-away : )


    1. We have quite a few birds here to watch. Our favorites are the little chickadees. Wishign you a beautiful Sunday as well. Thanks, love.

  2. I have a Peterson guide for my car and one for home,backpack!
    Sibley's flashcards are wonderful too.
    Have fun making the apple butter!
    xo, j

    1. We love the Audubon pocket guides for the ease of carrying, but the Peterson and Sibley guides follow quite closely on the favorites list :) Thanks, it was fun! Always a good time of fellowship.