Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not So Hot and Bothered

Vance Monument obelisk with Jackson Building reflected in the Biltmore Building

Jackson Building
Former Pack Memorial Library, now Pack Place art museum. Angel sculpture in
memory of Thomas Wolfe, author of Look Homeward, Angel

Courthouse (left) and City Hall (right). City Hall designed by Douglas Ellington

Fine Arts Theatre

Pig sculptures, part of Asheville Urban Trail public art

Turkey sculptures on the Urban Trail

Art gallery kitty
We do love going into the city. This particular day wasn't too hot and humid for a trip. It's wonderful to get home to the rural noises, not city noises. We do love our hillside home.


There is such a temperature difference leaving the mountain to travel into the city. It has been muggy, but we have had several cooling rainshowers. Last night, we got over 3 inches!  It washed out part of the road again (there is a spring that runs under our road), but not severely. I love my gravel dirt road, it makes me think of this song by Lucinda Williams and I sing along.

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