Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Movement of Love

We are a movement. 
A movement of love, 
A movement of ecstasy,
A movement of embodied wisdom 
Here to remind the world 
what it means 
to be
perfectly imperfectly

This is not A dance.
This is THE dance.
The dance of your life,
Your love,
And your return to Freedom.

We cultivate stillness in action
And maintain action within stillness.
We bridge realities
And become communities.
We breed wonder and hope
And remind our small self that
Easy does it
Wins the race.
Then we chat with our Big Self,
Open conversation:
Let wisdom flow
Feel the glow.

And we dance between the two
Like a mama osprey
circling between nest and water,
water and nest.

And we find rest
Because we know there is
we need to do except
that which pulses through us
to pulse through us.

And dance.
And be.
And be again.
And be again.

~ Lindsey Uluwehimailani 


  1. such a lovely poem and photograph.
    thanks for the reminder to dance!
    much love
    xo, j

    1. Thanks, J. Much love to you, too. xo