Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Life

 There has been so much going on here as of late. These little robins are fledging in our wild rose bush.
The rose bush the robins are nesting in. Notice the bird house on the left that  is vacant!
White iris
 Many of our flowers are in bloom, and more bloom every day. I look forward to the bee balm every year, which the hummingbirds love. My comfrey is huge! So are the Jerusalem artichokes. The weather now is also so much nicer; we've been getting breaks in the rain. The rain has made everything so vibrant and green.
J looking for salamanders

C planting seeds for our sunflower house
Soaking in the sun

Hanging our bat house we made
 I didn't go into detail in my last post about my warrior child, but J was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It means his pancreas shut down because of some unknown autoimmune trigger and it stopped producing insulin. He will have to be on insulin the rest of his life, or until a cure is found. He is doing  really well with checking his blood sugar and taking his insulin, and we are really proud of him for taking his diagnosis with such awareness and calm.

blueberry forest
Apples aplenty
Mike's peaches
We hope you all are doing well and enjoying the blessings of the season. We are getting outside more and had a great thrifting day with family this week. We are grateful for all the new life and are looking forward to harvesting the bounty. We are also looking forward to our summer vacation. The boys are counting down the days! As can be expected, the packing will be more involved this year, which I'm not looking forward to! XO


  1. So sorry to hear about J. I have a friend whose daughter was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago. It's been a big transition, but a relief to know why she was so sick. Sending you lots of hugs and support. Also, what a beautiful place you live!

    1. Thanks, Mel. Yes, it is a big transition, but so thankful he is better. We love here :). Looking forward to being out your way soon!

  2. What a beautiful place you live in!
    I am an insomniac and often spend late nights at the windowsill with Sophie by my side watching the acrobatics of the bats.
    Glad J is adjusting well.
    much love
    xo, j

    1. Thanks! I too am an insomniac and spend nights curled up with a book and one of our four cats :) We can't see the bats from our front windows, so we will try to sit out on the porch, hoping the mosquitoes don't get us.
      Enjoy your evenings. XO Jenny