Wednesday, March 27, 2013

There and Back Again

J wearing his new glasses (I didn't get a pic of C in his yet)
We have had a long winter and were so excited for spring. The SAD (seasonal affective disorder) really hit me this winter and man, it was rough. I was constantly tired. I just tried to be as active as possible and read many a great book. The daffodils popped up and said "Welcome back, Spring!" We also started a new session at our homeschool co-op. I'm leading a class on Vikings, in which both J and C joined. We are enjoying it. The weather had been warming up somewhat and I had been looking forward to getting out in the garden and to the two private gardens I work on.
Our daffodil hill as you round the corner to our house

Ramps are up!
Poor things.
Then, another snowstorm. Come on! We got a total of 10 inches! Mike and the boys went out in the snow for more sledding and play while I got hot herbal tea and dinner ready.
Chicken feet 

A flock of eight turkeys that have been visiting us
Mike's "new" project
Experiments with ice (J filled up a water balloon and sat it outside  to freeze)

The guys were wiped out after all that! We had a great dinner and then watched The Hobbit on DVD we just bought. Mike when to the store the day it was released! We really like it and are looking forward to the next two.
I am excited now that the storm is over and we're getting closer to real spring. We're getting dozens of strawberry plants for the garden and baby turkeys in two weeks! We hope to get our bees and more chickens (and maybe a few baby ducks?) soon too. Hope you all had a beautiful equinoz and wishing you a blessed Easter/Ostara!


  1. brrr! What area of the country do you live in?

    1. We live in western North Carolina, but we're headed your way this summer :)

    2. I meant to tell you before when I read your comment about coming to Colorado this summer that I don't live in Colorado! We live in Texas. Colorado will be much nicer in the summer :-)

    3. I remember. I meant we're driving through Texas on our way to Colorado :)

  2. I love all of this, Jenny!
    I also was hit by seasonal blues this winter, more than ever. It was long and dark and cold (and sick!). I am so glad for spring.
    Andy and I are also watching The Hobbit right now!
    <3 Mel

    1. Thanks, dear! We didn't get sick thankfully, but this winter seemed more depressing than others. Sorry you had SAD and the the sickies too. Blech! It's still wet here from all the rain, but much brighter. Blessings on the arrival of spring! Hope you enjoyed The Hobbit :)

  3. Our daffodills haven't sprung up yet. I can't wait until they do!

    1. Yes, I'm always happy to see them! The snow did smoosh them down, but they don't look any worse for the wear now :)