Friday, January 18, 2013

Neither Rain, Snow, Sleet...

This is the picture we awoke to today. We were expected to get up to 12 inches, but the storm changed direction and we barely got 3 inches. There was a period of white-out conditions, but it did not last long. For awhile, it was looking like we would be getting a lot of snow. We're just a bit disappointed! Oh well. We were prepared to lose power, but did not experience any problems, including Mike was able to get home from work. He was prepared to stay all night at work (he works at a hotel), if the weather was really bad.

During the snowstorm
The day before, we were doing farm chores, including some pruning and stream clean-up. The young orchard trees got pampered with attention to prepare them for spring. Now, if the dang deer will leave them alone! We cleaned out several areas in the stream where the leaves had piled up and enjoyed playing outside while the weather was mild. The chickens enjoyed the nice day, too.
Mike pruning and weighting branches on our young orchard trees

Birdie, Rusty (the bantam rooster) and Lucifer

Glinda, one of our Speckled Sussex hens

Lucifer giving me the evil eye
 The beginning of week we had ran for three days straight and our streams are roaring. It's quite a wonderful, powerful sound. Definitely going to hook up a micro-hydro system!
the creek that runs in front of our house

the creek that runs down the side yard

our little pond
 Bright blessings on your week. XO


  1. oh my gosh! Lucky you to have that creek at your house!

    1. It sure helped in the decision to buy :) Thanks for stopping by, love.