Thursday, November 15, 2012

Warm and cozy

Sorry about the bad shot. I think I had the camera on the wrong setting.
 We having been enjoying the warm nights with the woodstove going strong. Mike and I cut up a bunch of organic apples that were on clearance at the grocery store. We put them on the drying rack he built which clamps on to the mantle. Foods dry really fast over the woodstove!

With the cool weather has come more inside play. The boys have built several Lego creations. 
Cubes, Minecraft dude, pencil and Xbox 360 system

Minifigure playing Xbox 360

  At our homeschool co-op Weds, we had a cold afternoon. In C's Medieval class, they studied castles and built catapults. In preparation the night before, we read more of his class book, The Door in the Wall, and talked about plagues and castle life. We also read the books: Charlie Needs a Cloak, The Middle Ages, and Castles and Fortresses. We brought a catapult plan and our castle blocks with us to class.
In J's Zombie Apocalypse class, they worked on making cordage from grasses. It wasn't easy!

No snow expected for awhile, but the nights are cold. Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy.

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